The Implementation of Business Central for Portable House Manufacturers

Technology: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Industry: Modular Design & Construction

Complex Business Process Management through Business Central and Bizmaxus

About the Client

The client is a leading manufacturer of portable houses, offices, and cabins. The company provides 100% on-time delivery with absolutely great quality products, and it prides itself to be the best in the industry.

We center our attention on sustainability, affordability, and efficiency to aid our consumers to attain their imaginative and prescient.


For the project and job management level as well as operational data handling, the client was using MYOB Advanced. Although it is excellent software in itself, it was not configured enough to handle the project-specific business requirements.

There were problems in certain areas like Job Material Planning, effective project-based accounting, BOM Costing, BOM, and its components planning for procurement, and user support.

The solution they required was such that it meets their unique business needs and can unite all their processes and systems under one umbrella platform. This was the time when they meet Bizmaxus for consultation.


When the Bizmaxus team took on the upgradation project for the client, the first thing they did was to open a clear communication channel with the client. It was evident from the start that clear and close communication at every step was the key to meeting the business requirements and getting them ready to manage the system by themselves.

The system was upgraded to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This implementation needed a good number of customizations and reworking over the older installed system.

This reworking was needed in places where they either superseded by new features or did not work with Business Central. This implementation presented a great chance to re-evaluate all the previous modifications to investigate whether they were still necessary as it was found that, they were not necessary in most of the cases.

Another objective was to bring everything under one Umbrella of MS Dynamics. As Bizmaxus started to work as the Cloud Solution Provider of the client, they offered them Office 365 and offered at a significant discount over the previous provider.

Results Achieved

The client was able to get better design and rapid implementation of Business Central Jobs Module together with ProjectPro for the Gant chart representation, and they could effectively manage their operations better. They could streamline line management and operation of jobs and access a centralized database.

The centralized database was accessible to all departments and could provide integrated information. The accounting and inventory management was improved. It was possible to track and bill the project's progress in real-time. The job-specific and financial reporting was done in more detail. The job-based material planning was managed more effectively, and following that purchase orders and change orders management were also handled better.

Client Feedback

"It was really a boon for us to implement the updated software with Bizmaxus. They were polite and professional, knowing what they were doing. They made our life so easy. Thank you Bizmaxus."

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