Project Governance & Management

Effective Project Management - A Structured Approach

In order to mitigate the risks involved with implementing an ERP successfully and ensure the company receives the benefits of a successful ERP solution, every project needs solid and effective Project Management.  An experience project manager will ensure that risks are identified and responded to throughout the project life cycle.

Our consultants start by understanding your objectives and success criteria. From this, we establish the structures, processes and control mechanisms required for your project to become a success. We’ve helped businesses around the glove with effective project management that has directly benefited project objectives, execution and results. We can help you too.

Key Aspects

Plans are worthless - Planning is essential
The most fundamental aspect of any project is the planning process. It is also important to understand that plans need to be changed and adapted according to the situation. Accurate planning will not only result in reduced project costs, but it will also reduce the duration of the project, increase its quality and have in-built flexibility when unexpected things happen (as they always do)!
Right Resource for Right Work
Resources can be intangible – people and time – and tangible – equipment, materials, and finances. It involves planning so that the right resources are assigned to the right tasks
Identifying and understanding risks (early)
In projects, some risks are ‘inherent’ and these can have a significant impact on the project team as well as the company in general. Hence, it is ideal that each project team assigns a member, or a risk officer, to look in to these possible pitfalls.
Top management support
As with many things in a corporate environment, support from management is essential for project success. This is not only important at the start of the project, where you secure approval and corporate sponsorship (funds), but also throughout each major stage and milestone to ensure budgets and scope don’t creep along the road to completion
Project Milestone Tracking
Continuously monitoring the project scope, resources availability and deployment, and project/programme controls, reporting deviance from baseline and taking remedial action to ensure intended successful outcomes at each stage
Effective Communication
Effective communication is one of the most critical aspects of managing any project in the workplace. We always have regular team meetings or briefings to iron-out or discuss vital project related issues

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