Microsoft Dynamics NAV

If your business is growing and ready to take on more opportunities, Dynamics NAV can help. An easily adaptable enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, it helps small and medium-sized businesses automate and connect their sales, purchasing, operations, accounting, and stock management. Dynamics NAV works like the familiar Microsoft Office tools you already use and works smoothly with Outlook, Word and Excel to complete common tasks directly from your inbox. And you have the same powerful capabilities across iOS, Android and Windows platforms to create a consistent and more secure desktop, laptop and mobile device experience. So you get things done wherever you need to work.

Financial management

Manage your cash, assets, and banking.

Supply chain, manufacturing

Track and manage your production, stock, orders, and vendors.

Sales and service

Manage your contacts, sales opportunities, and service contract.

Flexible Deployment

Get a holistic view of your business and make informed decisions.

Smart, Connected

Dynamics NAV links each and every operation and function with each other.

Project Management

Manage your Projects, Estimations, resources & service contracts.

Key Features
  • A Single Platform to Automate and Streamline The Entire Supply Chain :Dynamics NAV optimises procurement and fulfilment.
  • Managing Customer Queries:The platform will enable faster response with making the required information available to the customer care team or for that matter any other team viz, sales marketing etc. that is engaging with the customer, anytime, anywhere.
  • Quick to Integrate:Dynamics NAV is a flexible platform that easily integrates with other Microsoft or non-Microsoft systems already in use by the organization. The integration is seamless and the smooth deployment. 
  • Proactive and Speedy Resolution:The Dynamics NAV analysis offers you visibility and control across all sites and warehouses.
  • Economical and ScalableThe platform can expand or contract as per need.

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Fixed Price Dynamics 365 Business Central / Wiise Implementation.

Suitable for growing businesses looking for a standardized solution using Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Business Central /Wiise.

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  • Activate and provision Dynamics 365 Business Central /Wiise/NAV environment.
  • Get a preconfigured system which manages the Financials & Accounting , Inventory Management , Sales Management  & Purchase Management.
  • Solution will be implemented in 5 steps :  Kickoff , Environment Setup, Configuration, Training & Review  & Live Transition.
  • Host & Licence Combined Pricing : Your Business Central package starts at a low $99 per month, per user.
Dynamics 365 Business Central / Wiise Implementation as per Industry

Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central / Wiise , Suitable for growing businesses with complexity .

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  • Activate and provision Dynamics 365 Business Central /Wiise/NAV environment.
  • Solution will be configured & Customized as per Business Need
  • Solution will be implemented in 7 steps :  Kickoff >> Business Study>> Environment Setup>> Solution Mapping>> Configuration>> Training & Review  >> Live Transition.
  • Go-live review and next-step conversation
  • Host & Licence Combined Pricing : Your Business Central package starts at a low $99 per month, per user.
  • Implementation Charges will be Time & Material Based.
Solution Assessment Package 

Find out if Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central / Dynamics NAV/ Wiise is right for your business. 

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  • Agenda : To allow organisations to assess how to successfully implement Dynamics 365 Solutions. 
  • Selection: In the Selection stage we confirm the core business processes and problems (pains) that can be solved with Dynamics 365 Business Central /Wiise.
  • Insights: Through one-to-one meeting we build business context, gather hard business demographics but also understand your organisations vision, objectives, and business priorities.
  • Priortization: We prioritize based on the business current adoption ability, technical complexity, and business impact how Business Solution can be delivered in the most effective way.
  • Summarization: The summary creates a customized assessment outlining solution suitability for organization.