Dynamics 365 CRM Retail

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail

Creating a memorable shopping experience

Creating customer enjoyment by exceeding expectations

The retail business is becoming increasingly complex with an increasingly demanding customer who is spoiled for choice. Some buy online, some research online and prefer to buy from a store, while others want to feel the product in an offline setting but buy it online; and then there are those who buy the old- fashioned way- survey the market, take advice from living beings and then buy it from a human being!

And whether you like it or not, you must engage all of them, and it won’t be easy. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail allows you to involve every shopper, anytime and anywhere. The integration of digital, in-store and back office operations allows you to personalize customer commitment and increase the productivity of employees.

You can create exceptional, insightful shopping experiences with Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management software. Whatever your customer’s preferences may be, this solution will allow you to meet them if you do not exceed their expectations.

Product Overview

See Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail in action

Watch this short video to learn more about the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail and how it can help you run your business better.

Key Benefits

Excellent service for unforgettable customers
Create a tailored display for each customer. The Microsoft Dynamics Management dashboard shows you real-time visibility of products, customers, inventories and orders. You can offer a wider range of products that are tailored to your consumers ' tastes and preferences.
Automated operation of the store
Never run out of stocks or be thrown away with slow moving products. You can manage reports, schedules, time tracking and sales through automation and business intelligence dashboards.
A seamless shopping experience in omni-channel
Offer customers a seamless, enjoyable shopping experience through convenience and flexibility.
Increase income, satisfaction of customers and brand loyalty
With Dynamics 365, you can reduce performance costs significantly, improve stock utilization and manage your business efficiently with customer and operational insights.
Build an Agile, State-Of-The Art and a Truly Global Enterprise
The Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail supports multi-company, multi-brand, and multi-channel global operations. A single solution that is universal and all pervasive.

Key Features

Speedy Deployment and Integration with Other Systems
The application can be customized easily according to your needs. With no visual editors and tools, web and mobile apps can easily be built and deployed.
The Microsoft Dynamics 365 for retail can be fully scaled to meet the needs of growing organisations.
A Complete Solution
In every aspect of your business, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for retail weaves. Retail, finance, human resources and operations. You don't have to look for any other solution to fulfill specific functions.