Give Your Sales Team That Winning Edge

Consumers are developing and they are progressing at an unprecedented rate. The very dynamics of the sales process have been disrupted. To keep up with this rapid change, the sales force would not automate. The need for the hour is a synergistic solution combining CRM and ERP.Enter Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, a solution that combines these two seamlessly to provide a powerful platform that helps you better understand customer needs, engage them more efficiently and gain more. 

Smarter and More Informed Sales Force

The best-armed sales team is knowledgeable! The embedded intelligence of Dynamics 365 ensures that at every stage of the customer's journey, they receive recommendations and guidance, such as how to reach a particular customer, when to send an email etc. The solution also monitors social trends and competitiveness..

Fostering Strong Relationships

Sales Dynamics 365 helps you get to the right buyers. The solution facilitates genuine and personalized customer engagement during the customer journey. Custom communication and documentation can be created. The integration of social media allows you to gain insights into what buyers want or think.

Productivity and Revenue Booster

Users will find familiar tools such as excel, outlook, etc. at the front. Give them instant comfort to work on, speed up the on-boarding process. The solution integrates business data seamlessly with Office 365 and LinkedIn data to guide salespeople through the entire sales process.

A Motivated Sales Force

You have 24X7 access to sales performance data via the analytics dashboards that offer both a historical perspective and predictive guidance. You can keep the sales team motivated by setting more realistic goals and sales competitions for the additional boost. Transparency and adequate information flow at all levels contribute to teamwork and accountability.

Customizable and Innovation Driven

The platform easily integrates with your existing systems and can be customized to meet the needs of a single organization. Dynamics 365 requires no encoding. With no visual editors and tools, the web and mobile apps can be easily built and deployed. This reduces the costs and complexity of a global infrastructure.

Key Features
  • Enable smarter selling with embedded insights :Increase the expectations of buyers by empowering your sellers with actionable insights during each phase of the sales process.
  • Boost seller productivity with seamless tools:Combine the automation of sales forces with familiar and coherent tools to streamline the execution of sales and support the way sellers work, even while on the go.
  • Improve sales performance:Visibility in sales performance with analytical dashboards based on historical and predictive data is achieved through sales force automation. Sellers are on board and motivated to improve their performance through sales competitions that promote teamwork and accountability.
  • Empower sellers to build relationships with authentic and personal engagement:Use better connections to help your sellers find and build relationships with the right buyers. Selling relationships across the LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Dynamics 365 for sales with unified processes and data.

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