Dynamics 365 CRM-Field Services

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service

Get-set to deliver best-in-class customer service

Empower your field service teams with insights

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, your field service agents have a 360-degree view not only of the problem / question at hand, but also of the history of the consumer and access to insights from similar events in the past. The agent is not only able to quickly solve the current problem, but also provides a solution that addresses many related issues that may arise in future. In short, the entire organization contributes to the success of the field service team and the satisfaction of its customers.

Product Overview

See Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service in action

Watch this short video to learn more about the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service and how it can help you run your business better.

Key Benefits

Customer Delight
With connectivity and access to relevant information from across the company, your customer service team can quickly identify and solve the problem. The client is kept fully aware of the problem-solving process. Your service agents can commit to realistic time lines, offer a better solution design and provide a comprehensive customer-friendly solution.
Resource Optimization
Each organisation, with limited resources, needs to be deployed optimally. Microsoft Dynamics 365 keeps tabs on availability of resources at any time (how much, what and where). The system intelligently determines and deploys resources to solve a problem in the best way.
Enhance the Efficiency of Field Service Agents
Overloaded managers destroy the value and lose the customer. The platform optimizes workload while empowering field agents with important insights to complete the job quickly and deliver quality. Important information such as the best starting point, which parts can be easily solved, suggested tools, who can approach what, etc. The agents are provided. This keeps the field agents focused and motivates them to go beyond the call of duty.
IoT for Preemptive Problem Solving
Microsoft Dynamics 365 monitors every process constantly; advanced diagnostic tools detect any changing situation long before it becomes a problem. The intelligent platform triggers the mechanism of self-resolution. Consequently, problems are mostly squeezed in the bud even without the user knowing it. If this proves to be inadequate, however, the system prompts the user and the relevant teams automatically.

Key Features

Encourage innovation and adaptation
The Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform was designed to adapt quickly to any environment and to customize it according to any organization's individual needs.
Economical and Scalable
The platform can be expanded or signed as needed. It follows internationally acceptable protocols, so even if your operations cross national borders, there are no problems. The provision and deployment of clouds helps to keep costs low.
The visual editors and other tools without code are available to customize the application according to the individual requirements. It is also easy to deploy on the web and on mobile applications. Since no coding is required and the tools are easy to use, customers can make the necessary changes according to their needs.
Secure and Simple
Microsoft Dynamics 365 is designed for simplicity and security. The aim of the platform is to reduce the cost and complexity of a global infrastructure operation. The state-of - the-art data centers of Microsoft protect your data and make it accessible only to those authorized to you.
AI and Machine Learning
The platform uses AI to generate crucial insights for the success of the field service teams. These are made available at the right time and location for each member.
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