Dynamics 365 CRM- Services

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

Differentiate your brand with superior customer service

Bond with your Customers

Price and product seem to have been overtaken by customer experience as the key differentiators. Customers are more conscious, empowered and demanding these days. You must be fast, accurate and knowledgeable to deliver a higher value. Customer service plays an important part in providing the desired customer experience.It is probably your company’s most important commitment to the customer. With Microsoft Dynamics 365, built-in customer service intelligence, you can provide faster, more personalised service and have a lasting impact on every customer interaction.

Product Overview

See Microsoft Dynamics 365 for  Service Management in action

Watch this short video to learn more about the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Service Management and how it can help you run your business better.

Key Benefits

Brand Differentiation
The speed of delivery is one of the key quality factors in this age of instant gratification. But speed alone doesn't work, you need the right solution for the consumer — for the first time and every time. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform allows you to deal with any query or problem that the consumer raises instantly.
Offer a Long-Term Solution
Each problem is solved as a long-term solution, with the objective that all related possibilities are considered and integrated into the solution if a query is raised. minimising the likelihood of similar problems in the near future.
Promise of a Speedy, Accurate and Comprehensive Resolution
Microsoft Dynamics uses intelligent automation to make relevant information and resources available to agents when they interact with the customer. They have a customer journey perspective of 360 degrees and are empowered with a fair degree of flexibility, allowing them to offer solutions that are– fast, customized and comprehensive, with minimal chances of escalation.
A Learning Platform
The platform facilitates faster onboarding of new agents and keeps them up to date on new features and identified best practices with tailored in-app learning. Staffing can also be optimized. Appropriate resources can be allocated based on popular channels, trending issues, and required skills to address fluctuations that occur daily and over time.

Key Features

Fosters Innovation and Adaption
The Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform was designed to adapt quickly to any environment and to customize it according to any organization's individual needs. At each level, the platform provides adequate resources and allows individuals / teams sufficient space to innovate and improve.
Compatible with almost all popular operating systems, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is optimized for any device viz. Handy, laptop, or desktop. This helps you get the customer on their preferred platform while your agents can solve any customer queries on the go!
Easy Integration
The Dynamics 365 platform is easy to deploy and can easily integrate with existing Microsoft systems. Dynamics 365 automated processes and third-party systems work together to provide superior customer experience. With minimal downtime, the integration is seamless.