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Find out how cloud-based Wiise ERP become the key to growth for this fast-growing importer & distributor of Marine parts.

Without Wiise

Disconnected Systems and Processes

Managing Inventory planning and cost calculations via excel spreadsheets

Lack of visibility of inventory across multiple storage & In-transit locations

Lacking any clear insight into what other departments are doing, business units would be forced to essentially run in vacuum.

With Wiise

Increased efficiency & accelerated growth

Calculate demand using AI and make inventory assessments with priority-based supply planning in just-in-time, eliminating shortages and overstocking.

Speed up delivery times by enhancing inventory, automating warehousing operations, and increasing output.

With clear visibility, agile planning, business stability, and the Microsoft ecosystem, face any supply chain challenge that comes your way.

Disintegrated systems, manual processes reduce efficiency

Managing key processes on multiple different systems with limited integration means that staff was forced to spend time on repetitive tasks such as manual data entry and data consolidation in spreadsheets.

While the business was growing more than 20% year-on-year, its legacy solutions were starting to slow down, and the requirement for more scalable business software became the priority.

Using a server-based legacy system also meant that the sales team couldn't access inventory positions before promising to clients, impacting sales & productivity even further. 

Modernizing business operations with a cloud ERP

Having a single source of truth for data is allowing the business to be more insightful and responsive in decision-making

The business now has end-to-end clear visibility over key processes: from procurement to final invoices

The supply chain incorporates the entire value-added process – from the customer’s enquiry to delivery and payment for the product or service

Having a single source of truth & centralised data repository has also simplified communication among cross-functional teams

The Outcome

Integrated systems

With data from different business departments in the same system, processes are more efficient and there is greater collaboration between departments.

Efficient processes

Storage warehouse staff can view and update stock levels on the go while the finance department can enter supplier invoices and allocate goods in the same step.

Ready for expansion

A scalable ERP will allow the business to focus on bigger organisational goals without having to worry about outstripping its business software.

“We now have full visibility with live data and can make decisions faster.”

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