Continia Expense Management

Easier- than- ever enrollment of business- related charges and conditioning in Business Central.

Use Business Central to connect bills with cash and credit card spending

Keeping track in real- time of hand expenditures both in and down from the office. This result provides easier-than- ever enrollment and blessing of business- related charges and trip conditioning using Business Central, a unique Expenditure app, and a Web Portal.

Hassle-free expenditure handling

Working in finance, for case as a chronicler, you want a complete, real- time overview of company charges occasionally indeed before everything is approved. Perhaps you're familiar with the situation at the end of the month where workers drop off a pile of bills to register manually. The essential functionality in Expense Management ensures that all hand deals are automatically imported into Business Central furnishing you with a complete overview of hand spending.

As an expenditure stoner, you can submit your charges in either the unique Continia Expense App, or via the cybersurfer- grounded Continia Expense Portal by taking a picture of your damage or encouraging an dispatch and fill out the needed fields ( only when those details are n’t automatically captured from the credit card sale) and shoot it directly for blessing. You register the purchase at formerly and handle your expenditure reporting contemporaneously, which means no further keeping track of old bills.

As an approver, you get a diurnal whisked overview of all charges and get an instant sapience into all hand spending. Likewise, you can further documents and delegate blessings upon being out of the office for a period.

Match credit card deals with charges automatically

Flawless integration with major credit card providers makes it easy to import credit card deals, attune them automatically with charges and follow up on missing expenditure attestation. Registered credit card deals are matched with reported charges, and if a damage is missing for an expenditure, the system automatically creates an expenditure and sends it off to the right expenditure stoner.

The expenditure will appear in the stoner's mobile app with a memorial to submit the missing attestation. As soon as the expenditure has been reported, it's transferred automatically to Business Central.

Produce mileages

The avail functionality makes it easy to register and submit avail charges, either in the mobile app or in the cybersurfer- grounded Expense Portal. The smooth integration of Google Charts ensures that druggies always get the correct route computation and are refunded consequently grounded on rates you control in Business Central.

Adding to the stoner-friendly overview, the app displays an image of the chosen route. This image can also be viewed in Business Central, along with all other applicable avail details. For recreating routes, expenditure druggies can fluently produce templates for these to save time on homemade typing.

Produce per diem

Per diem, or diurnal computation of allowances for accommodation and refections, is an intertwined part of Expense Management. The point includes special country conditions and allows druggies to shoot in reports directly from the mobile app or from the Expense Portal, by specifying trip period, accommodation, and refections per day. Payment rates, posting account, and rules are all configured in Business Central.

Feature overview


Introductory functionality to handle charges. You need to add the number of Expenditure Druggies.

Basic functionality

  • Available in the Expense App, Expense Portal, Web Approval Portal and Business Central
  • Expense App for iOS and Android
  • Notifications in the Expensee App
  • Continia Expense Portal
  • Continia Web Approval Portal
  • Approval workflow
  • Edit approved documents in Business Central
  • Business vendor posting
  • Create reports
  • Pre-approval of reports
  • Attach a photo of a receipt
  • Attach a PDF document to an expense
  • Configurable fields
  • Automatic archive
  • Create templates
  • Visible VAT amount

Credit Card Transactions

Credit card related Deals are imported into Dynamics Business Central.

Additional functionality

  • Credit card integration
  • Automatic matching
  • Transaction information used for expenses
  • Reminders
  • Credit card agreeement activation flow


Includes the functionality for trippers for handling avail charges on the go.

Additional functionality

  • Available in the Expense App, Expense Portal, Web Approval Portal and Businss Central
  • Notifications in the Expense App
  • Submit mileages from a smartphone or the Expense Portal
  • Mileage registration with Google Maps integration
  • Add via point to mileage
  • View of mileage route in Business Central
  • Capture location
  • Create template

Per Diem

Per diem is a diurnal quantum to cover mess and lodging charges for a traveling hand.

Additional functionality

  • Available in the Expense App, Expense Portal, Web Approval Portal and in BC
  • Notifications in the Expense App
  • Calculate the number of travel days and meals
  • Rate setup and amount calculation
  • Support for multiple country rates
  • Daily allowance
  • Create templates

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