Cloud Services

The sky is the limit with Cloud-enabled digital transformation!

As you transform into a digital business, cloud services provide the perfect platform for storing business data and user preferences, integrating business management applications, safeguarding and recovering data, and building, testing and deploying applications without setting up your own complex IT infrastructure. This means enormous savings in capital expenditure, IT and maintenance. And you will get following:



Help you to customise your products / services according to your user preferences

Management, maintenance and security of critical business resources online

Freedom from critical data loss due to infringements, attacks or system failures as the cloud hosts multiple copies of your data

Ability to test numerous applications on various platforms without your own IT infrastructure

Agility, flexibility, efficiency and cost effectiveness

Scalability – where you pay for only those resources that you need and use

Easy and on-demand system access anytime, anywhere. You can choose the authorisation level while continuing to promote cooperation and teamwork in your company

Data-driven decision-making by extracting extensive data to analyze and predict, to identify patterns, to prevent future crises by having all your data at your fingertips and in one place

Bizmaxus can help you take advantage of the cloud platform and ensure a trouble-free experience in cloud transformation.

Key Offerings

Creating cloud transformation strategies that clearly understand how your organization's needs align with your cloud service provider's features and capabilities
Scope & Planning
Developing organisational plans with a comprehensive road map and measurable business objectives and timelines to guarantee smooth migration
Design & Analysis
Assessing the best cloud approaches and deployment types, including readiness assessment, security and system architecture audits, and current status analysis.
Encouraging the cloud environment in perfect harmony with your business objectives, including the development of cloud-based business applications.
We offer a choice of deployment on public, private, community or hybrid clouds.
We help you to resolve problems and maximise performance & productivity through the management of cloud performance and its use.

We provide a free of cost two hours consultancy  for your Business System health check by our Solution Architects, Feel free to discuss about improvements in your existing MS Dynamics NAV solution or for a new Solution according to your business need.