What SMEs always aspired for!

Maximum Impact, Minimum Cost

Although industry-wide innovation engines, small and medium-sized enterprises have been denied access to sophisticated tools to boost their operations. It’s ironic that for different reasons, such as cost, lack of scale, etc. Innovation appears to have missed innovators; whereas large organizations have actually benefited! In the past, however, Wiise combines financial business intelligence, financial business software, operations management, command & control with a host of integrated tools and insights, just like those used by large companies, only that it costs a fraction. Developed by KPMG Australia and supported by Commonwealth Bank on Microsoft platform, Wiise helps deal with the complexity of running a company. The three have formed a strategic partnership in the Fintech hub Stone & Chalk to develop clever new business software to manage financial business intelligence, accounting, payroll and banking, human resources, inventory and manufacturing.

Product Overview

See WIISE in action

Watch this short video to learn more about WIISE and how it can help you run your business better.

Key Benefits

Streamline All Your Business Functions
Simplifying your business has never been easier. Wiise will help you manage your company optimally. Wiise is the clever software that meets all your business needs, from accounting and inventory to forecasting and machine intelligence.
Focus On Building The Business
Wiise offers integrated automation for common processes and operations, making life easier and smoother for your business operations. The accounting and operations financial management software allows you to spend less time on worldly / routine administrative tasks. You can now concentrate on building your business.
Integrated Financial Management Software for Accounting
You can integrate banking and Microsoft Office suite for maximum efficiency. The platform enables you to create and send invoices from Outlook, view sales invoices or click-to-pay invoices all in one hub. With Wiise you can manage business receivables, payables and cash flow. The single financial management software takes care of accounting, efficient reporting, data processing and approvals.
Insights and Analytics - Business Intelligence for Small Business
Wiise provides you with powerful analytical tools for companies. The analytics engine processes myriad and complex data to produce precise reports and business predictions. These are essential for your company's success because they allow you to deploy limited resources for maximum efficiency and profit.

There is a WIISE just for you


It is designed for most companies to handle business functions viz. Sales and purchases, management of baseline inventories, basic CRM (customer relationship management) and reporting at two tagging levels.

WIISE Business

To cater for more complex operations with a higher workload was developed. Manage your inventory as never before with tight controls on project costs and storage. Get a full picture of your company with unlimited reporting tags and the ability to trade between your companies.

WIISE Premium

Your business is rocking, customers are growing and the operations spread like never before across geographies. But you mustn’t worry. You were a wise man. Just upgrade to Wiise Premium and you can do more with after-sales tracking and extended production capabilities.

However at anytime you don’t feel you need all the functionality in one edition, simply move up /down your subscription.

Key Features

Takes you to the Next Level
Wiise transcends the entire range of business intelligence for small and medium-sized enterprises from financing to forecasting, inventory and invoicing. The solution helps you get a clearer picture of what is going on in your organization at every level. Building on the combined experience of KPMG, Microsoft and Commonwealth Bank, Wiise allows small and medium-sized enterprises to make huge leaps, while ensuring smooth transition.
The idea for creating Wiise is to make the tools and insights used by large companies in business intelligence software available to small and medium-sized enterprises at a fraction of the cost. You can subscribe to the plan that best suits your corporate needs.At a cost effective monthly subscription Wiise will enable you see your business clearly and focus on what really counts.
A Customized Package with a Familiar Interface
Wiise is a unique platform that offers advanced features and a full range of business management needs. A single interface with a familiar viz interface. Word and Excel are very much appreciated by staff and partners. Because they already know these packages, the onboarding would be smooth and fast, and therefore cost-effective. Although the interface may be similar but Wiise offers high level of customization, you can tailor it you the specific business needs and modify it as the situation demands. Wiise can be easily integrated with existing Microsoft ERP.
Safe and Secure
The Microsoft cloud platform's Azure data centers based in Australia, which are fast and secure. The servers are located in Sydney and Melbourne and allow geo redundancies and disaster recovery at the federal level. Microsoft Azure is an industry-standard cloud platform supported by considerable research and development expenditure. Right from the start Wiise manages the most common routine function. Any changes in protocol and policies, the software upgrades automatically.
Proactive and Speedy Resolution
The powerful financial analysis (financial business intelligence + financial management software) aided by tools for visibility and control across all sites and warehouses offers a comprehensive business solution.