Dynamics 365 ERP – Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Integrated approach to superior delivery

Connect All Dots to Deliver and Grow

You probably use certain tablets, accounting software and random tools to automate operations. But with a growing company, they quickly become inadequate. You need an integrated, all-round platform that can take away many of the regular, repetitive, administrative and yet critical operations from your valuable resources. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central helps you do this and connects all points–sales, finance, service and operations–to ensure that each works in tandem. A seamless integration of all your functions transforms your company into a tight yet agile organisation aimed at providing superior consumer value. Dynamics 365-Business Central is a single, easy-to-use and adaptable business management solution that makes your business clever and more profitable. Be aware of a free indian dreaming pokies

Product Overview

See Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Business Central in action

Watch this short video to learn more about the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Business Central and how it can help you run your business better.

Key Benefits

Powerful Digital Core
Microsoft Dynamics 365–Business Central is your digital business core. This is the core of all departments and functions. It controls and supervises all processes, takes decisions on your behalf, distributes work, controls the flow of information and creates a synergy across the organization.
Financial Integration
The Dynamics 365–Business Central provides all financial data in the required formats and accurately. Since the platform monitors in real-time reports, the financial transactions are updated and the inputs live. This helps the management team to make informed decisions and to take them quickly!
Maximize Availability with Minimum Inventory
The platform calculates the stock levels, lead times and alerts you at the reorder points automatically. The solution also proposes replacements if the items requested are not available.
Maximize Profitability
Get recommendations for paying suppliers to use discounts from suppliers or avoid overdue penalties. Prevent unnecessary or fraudulent purchases via workflows for approval.
Deliver value at every touch point
Prioritise sales leads based on revenue potential. Keep track of all customer interactions and get guidance on best upsell, cross-sell, and renewal opportunities throughout your sales cycle.
Plan with precision
Manage resource levels through capacity planning and sales. Track customer invoicing against the planned costs for orders and quotations.
Take your business on the go
Business Central 's mobile version supports both cloud and on-site users with consistent, modern experience on Windows, Android and IOS devices.

Key Features

Choose cloud, on-premise, or hybrid deployment
Business Central runs where you need it, in the cloud or on-premises, with the same user experience no matter how you deploy.
Easy Integration
Dynamics 365 automated processes and third-party systems work together to provide superior customer experience. The integration is seamless, with minimal downtime required.
Respect your customers’ privacy
To help your company comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), use integrated privacy-by-design and privacy-by-default methodologies. Grant and restrict access to multi-level personal data and allow audit trails to guarantee security and accountability.
Economical and Scalable
The platform is fully scalable and flexible— the SaaS model enables companies to increase or reduce the number of users according to their needs. Fast deployment and easy integration add to the platform's economy, speed and efficiency.